1.Which of these is necessary when driving?
a. Identification card.
b. Home registration.
c. Copy of vehicle registration book.
d. Social Security Card.
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Training for Thai driving licence and useful information about the whole process

Why would you like to get a Thai driving licence?

This could be because of many reasons: you live in Thailand for a long time or maybe you don't have a driving licence. Or maybe you have a driving licence for a car but not for a motorbike?

It is much easier to get a driving licence in Thailand than in most countries, so I recommend getting it here.

What documents do you need for a driving licence in Thailand?

  • medical certificate (easy to get)
  • residency certificate (not that easy)
  • some forms that you can get in DLT

The biggest problem is to get a residency certificate if you live in Bangkok preferred way is to go to your embassy and get an affidavit of residence. If you live in any other place you can contact the local immigration office.

After you get your residency certificate you can go to your local DLT for the exam or you can sign up in school for driving lessons (and in good schools, you can also take an exam for a driving licence). I recommend the second option, I sing up for a basic course at Honda Safety Center in Bangkok and I learn a lot and also get my motorbike driving licence in one week.

Theory test

The theory exam could be the hardest part of getting a driving licence in Thailand. It is composed of 50 questions and you need to answer correctly for at least 45. You can find many tricky questions, and because of that, I have decided to create this app, after training here for a few hours you should be able to pass the written exam without any problem.

Videos from DLT (Department of Land Transport), for driving exam preparation.

Below you can find official videos from DLT, that you can watch on some courses when preparing for getting a driving licence in Thailand. You can watch it and learn more about driving rules in Thailand.

Best resources on the internet about Thai Driving licences for foreigners:

I wish you luck and hope so you will be able to get your driving licence as easily as me!